Interior Concrete

A lot has changed over the years in the ways we modernize our homes and how we have evolved from our “traditional” tastes. Ordinarily, before, a simple carpet/tile job would satisfy your home decor. Maybe some hardwood floor or a rustic look laminate floor would do the job. Now, because of mainstream media with HGTV and Bravo to name a few, and our accessibility to see the interior of many celebrities and influencers’ homes, we are now open-eyed to the possibilities that exist once we see past the traditional lens.

Concrete has been at the forefront of this movement in that it offers a “sleek” look. Inherently, it has such a clean look that when coupled with an accent here, a barn there door you are left with such a progressive and modern design. The things you can do with concrete nowadays are unfathomable. You can color it, stain it, stamp it, make it look like metal, and so on and so forth. So, let’s go a bit further into such application options.

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Concrete Countertops

How many times, after visiting an extravagant or state-of-the-art hotel and seeing some beautiful concrete countertops by the bar or room, did you say to yourself or loved ones, I wonder how much it would cost to do something like that? They are beautiful, elegant, and clean. Clean because they’re so easy to do so and because they just look that way. Granite countertops are nice, Formica is still acceptable I guess, but now more than ever, concrete countertops stand out!

Garage Floors

Often overlooked, garage floors are the last thing you think about when remodeling your home or doing a DIY project. You figure this is the least frequented space in the house so why do anything to it? It is utilitarian at the very most and only serves two purposes- to store your car or store stuff. But what if all you had to do was resurface your concrete floor? You can do so much.

Epoxy and polyurea garage floor coatings have become increasingly popular over the years. They are an inexpensive option, they are great against stains and spills and you have so many decorative selections to choose from.

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Polished or stained garage floors are also in high demand. They give your floor that showroom feels. They are also stain-resistant and make your garage so inviting to work on projects, make into a man-cave or even have gatherings there when you don’t want people in your house. Who knows?

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Indoor Concrete Floors

They are sleek! Unless you’ve never stepped foot in one, then okay ill indulge you. But, there’s nothing like the energy that a concrete floor can bring. They are so easy to clean and what can be more durable than a properly installed concrete floor? If anything, one drawback, I guess you can say is the strength of the floor. Not suitable for minors or elderly people alone in the house.